Statement by the Canadian Steel Producers Association on Safeguard Measures for Steel

30 April 2019

Catherine Cobden, President of the Canadian Steel Producers Association (CSPA), issued the following statement following the government's decision on steel safeguards :

"The Canadian steel industry is disappointed by the government's announcement that it has not put in place final safeguard measures for the seven steel products. Many steel producing countries are implementing similar measures, and Canada's inability to act means that we are more dangerously exposed than ever to foreign competition. "
" Without safeguards, there will be significant adverse impacts on the steel industry in Canada, such as the potential loss of thousands of jobs, as well as planned investments of $ 1.1 billion and erosion of our competitiveness. "

"Our sector is in crisis due to global steel overcapacity, as well as US tariffs (232) and safeguard measures implemented in other jurisdictions. There are already job losses and investments are going elsewhere. The government must act now to support our workers and ensure our continued economic viability. "

"We are ready to work with the government to find ways to meet the immediate challenges we face. "

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