Steel Industry Applauds EPA Reconsideration of Auto Emissions Standards

3 April 2018

Thomas J. Gibson, president and CEO of the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI), today issued the following statement in response to the Environmental Protection Agency announcement to revisit federal greenhouse gas standards for 2022–2025 model year vehicles:

"Today's announcement by Administrator Pruitt is a positive development for the steel industry and our partners in the auto sector. In the past, we expressed concern the good faith efforts by our industry and our customers were short-circuited by the previous administration in an attempt to push through a final determination before all of the public comments were thoroughly considered. We have been working with the EPA toward revisiting this measure, and applaud today's decision to pause and look at ways the light duty vehicle program can be addressed to allow assessment of other factors affecting the environment and economy. Sole focus on tailpipe emissions has the potential to produce unintended consequences – both increased cost and negative effects on the environment.  We would urge consideration of the full life cycle environmental impact of vehicles, from production through end of life, during this reconsideration process."

Citing a recent ISO-conformant, peer-reviewed study conducted by the Steel Recycling Institute, Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Study of Automotive Lightweighting,  Gibson said, "Steel offers the best solution for the environment, the best performance and cost effective solution for automakers, and the best value for consumers. Steel is a key part of the solution for the auto sector in their work to lower greenhouse gas emissions.  Significant differences in emissions between advanced high-strength steel and alternative materials in the production phase far outweigh emission reductions in both the driving and recycling phases. In addition, a potential cost increase, of at least $600 to $1,200, will impact vehicle sales and lead to a reduction in employment."

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