Steel River Group Announces Partnership with Loon River First Nation

24 November 2021

Steel River Group Ltd. an Indigenous-owned diversified management, development, and construction consortium, has announced a new partnership with Loon River First Nation . Located in Northern Alberta, approximately two kilometers from the town of Red Earth, the partnership will diversify the Loon River’s economic portfolio by expanding into regional industries such as logging, reclamation and environmental, while leveraging the community’s traditional knowledge and experience.

Steel River will support the cultural, social, and economic vision of Loon River by advocating for and advancing the interests of the community with industry. The partnership will also build capacity and increase employment in the region by identifying and realizing economic opportunities for development. With its geographic location central to the Northern Alberta energy sector, Loon River is well positioned to capitalize in a myriad of possibilities in the oil and gas sector. This will be enhanced through the development and expansion of a Nation-owned economic vehicle.

“I am thrilled to share the news of our newest partnership with Loon River First Nation,” said Trent Fequet, founder and CEO of Steel River Group. “Loon River holds significant potential, and I am looking forward to working alongside the Nation to support the development of opportunities through a collaborative and proactive approach with industry, that is led through the lens of synergizing Loon River First Nations’ cultural preservation, social sovereignty, and economic sustainability.

Loon River, located on Treaty 8 territory in Alberta, is comprised of three reserves: Loon Lake 235, Loon Prairie 237 and Swampy Lake 236. In addition to Loon River Contracting, Loon River also operates Loon River Trucking, which has serviced the oil and gas industry in western Canada for over 20 years.

“Loon River First Nation is proud to partner with Steel River Group,” said Ivan Sawan, Chief of Loon River First Nation. “Trusted and respected, the brand of Steel River Group will help Loon River reach its potential – not just in the oil and gas industry, but other industries only imagined. This is a welcomed opportunity for Loon River First Nation and our members as we embark on existing and new opportunities together with Steel River Group.”

Loon River will have access to the Steel River Ecosystem, including subsidiaries and relationships that will benefit the Nation with an increased scope of services and bring forth additional opportunities to its current businesses and operations.

About Steel River Group

Steel River Group is an Indigenous-owned diversified management and construction consortium. The company’s mission is to partner with Indigenous communities on infrastructure projects to maximize Indigenous employment, education, ownership and entrepreneurial experience. Steel River Group’s Governing Principles are deeply rooted in Indigenous values, beliefs and culture, grounded by a strong sense of community. Steel River’s operating approach is centered around the company’s inclusive Ecosystem Model, which brings Steel River Owned Companies, Indigenous Communities and Strategic Alliance Partners together over a shared vision to create opportunities for generation wealth.

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