Steel River Group Enters Into a Strategic Partnership With One of the World’s Leading Engineering, Procurement & Construction Companies, SICIM S.p.A

6 February 2020

Steel River Group Inc. announced today that its subsidiary, Steel River Solutions has entered into a strategic partnership with SICIM S.p.A through their Canadian subsidiary, SICIM Canada Ltd. SICIM is a global leader in engineering, procurement and pipeline construction in the oil and gas industry.

SICIM’s broad international experience, specialized equipment fleet, as well as their unique expertise in building pipelines in complex steep slope environments is a strategic fit for Steel River and their industry partners. The company’s track record of community involvement and their use of partnerships with local groups to promote economic development in the communities they operate in are what truly set them apart and aligns with Steel River’s corporate values.  

“Steel River Group is centred around building capacity and strengthening competency with the Indigenous communities, people and companies we work with. Providing employment and training is key to the future success of individuals and in turn supporting advancement for themselves, their family and the community in which they live,” said Steel River Group’s Indigenous Founder and CEO, Trent Fequet. “Partnering with a global construction leader with shared values around economic and social development will go a long way in helping us to realize this vision.”

Steel River’s experience in the Western Canadian marketplace, its workforce and strong relationships and understanding of the local Indigenous and social environment will allow the Steel River SICIM Partnership to solidify our foothold into the Canadian energy industry.

SICIM is a recognized contractor with the capacity to work across different continents and in different environments. SICIM has provided solutions to challenges encountered around the world, including: pipeline construction across the Alps in Europe; working in the rain forest in the Amazonas; installing camps in remote areas of Central Africa; installing 56” pipe through the urban and congested areas of Europe; and working in the cold regions of Kazakhstan and in the hot deserts of Central and South America.

About Steel River Group

Steel River Group is a privately held and Indigenous owned and operated company that was born out of a deep belief that there has never been a better time to reimagine how an Indigenous business defines, creates and captures value for our people and alliance partners. Our operating approach is centred around our Indigenous inclusion ecosystem model, which aims to bring Steel River companies, Indigenous communities and alliance partners together under a shared vision to create opportunities that build long-term social and economic benefits.

As a diverse Indigenous management entity, Steel River Group provides several corporate services to its group of companies, alliance partners and communities in which it works. Its execution divisions specialize in mainline pipeline construction and integrity decommissioning and maintenance, as well as, civil construction, water treatment and care, environmental care, equipment leasing and operating, and supplying professional management personnel and embedded talent.

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