Steel River Group expands Quebec footprint with new corporation Le Groupe Rivières, establishing coast-to-coast presence

1 December 2021

Steel River Group Ltd. an Indigenous-owned diversified management, development and construction consortium, is proud to announce the establishment of a new Quebec-based corporation, Le Groupe Rivières. The company’s operations will be centralized in the Lower North Shore area, where several members of the Steel River team are originally from.

Le Groupe Rivières is a general construction and contracting company with a focus on civil, residential development and renovations. Currently, many residents of the Lower North Shore travel to other provinces to find construction work. The formation of Le Groupe Rivières will create more employment opportunities locally, enabling members of the community to work closer to their families.

“As a company, I’ve long been working to establish a presence on the Lower North Shore, looking for opportunities to enhance and give back to our home region,” said Trent Fequet, founder and CEO of Steel River Group. “The development of a Quebec-based corporation, one with an entirely local focus, is the natural next step in this journey. By empowering the region to stay local and hire local, we can help create sustainable economic opportunities for generations to come.”

Through Le Groupe Rivières, Steel River will also look to engage with the Lower North Shore community through key local groups to support the overall vitality of the region.

Chad Keats has been appointed general manager of Le Groupe Rivières. Hailing from St. Paul’s River, Keats brings 20 years of construction experience to the company and a deep understanding of the need for local employment opportunities in the sector.

With the addition of Le Groupe Rivières to the Steel River Group of Companies, the business is now truly coast-to-coast. This is a proud milestone for Steel River Group, which has continued to see steadfast growth across the country.

Once operations begin, Le Groupe Rivières plans to open an office in the Lower North Shore region.

About Steel River Group

Steel River Group is an Indigenous-owned diversified management, development, and construction consortium. The company’s mission is to partner with Indigenous communities on infrastructure projects to maximize Indigenous employment, education, ownership and entrepreneurial experience. Steel River Group’s Governing Principles are deeply rooted in Indigenous values, beliefs and culture, grounded by a strong sense of community. Steel River’s operating approach is centered around the company’s inclusive Ecosystem Model, which brings Steel River Owned Companies, Indigenous Communities and Strategic Alliance Partners together over a shared vision to create opportunities for generation wealth.

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