Tamino discloses Summary of Events from a Financial perspective

27 September 2019

MONTREAL, Sept. 27, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tamino Minerals ("Tamino" or the "Company") (OTC Markets: TINO), Mr. Pedro Villagran-Garcia, President & CEO, is pleased to inform that several concerned shareholders have brought to our attention that they would like to know a bit of Company’s history.

Tamino Minerals, Inc. formerly Entertainment Games, Inc. was acquired on October 13, 2012 from a group of shareholders and experienced business Executives. The company didn’t trade a share since 2011 and Entertainment Games Shareholders were increasingly anxious due to inactivity. Price per share was 1 cent and the Company was not Pink Current, it had a Stop Sign. A 10 to 1 Reverse Split and Name Change was effective on March 25, 2013.

Stop Sign was removed until July 2013. During the month of October 2012, Gold was at a staggering $1,800 USD an ounce and we managed to convince a group of investors to collectively buy some of the Free Trading Shares.

The company had 94,424,818 Million Shares Outstanding. The float was 14,562,340 Million Shares before the 10 to 1 Reverse Split. Once the Reverse Split took place the float diminished just in excess 1.456 Million Shares.

All this information can be verified within the OTC Markets Disclosure Section.

Tamino Minerals, Inc. reached an all-time high of $3.00 USD per share on February 2013, close to 9,859,204 Shares Outstanding. That equates to approximately $30 Million Market Capitalization.

A very important fact to mention is that by 2015 Gold had fell to $1,050 USD per Ounce. During this entire period, we didn’t capitalize the company in order to conduct the Exploration Programs. 

TAMINO MINERALS INC. is exploring for high-grade gold deposits within a prolific gold producing geologic state, Sonora. Examples like the Herradura, El Chanate, Mulatos, La India and La Colorada, all projects in Sonora have economic minable amounts of gold and are located close to our projects.

On behalf of the Board,

Pedro Villagran-Garcia, President & CEO
Tamino Minerals, Inc.

For further information, please contact the Company at 1-514-432-7746 or by email at [email protected]

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