Tamino Minerals Inc. provides Financial Update

11 February 2020

MONTREAL, Feb. 11, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tamino Minerals, Inc., a mineral exploration and development company, (“Tamino” or the “Company”) (OTC Markets: TINO), www.taminominerals.ca, is pleased to update shareholders that it is planning to become Pink Current very soon on OTC Markets abiding to OTC Disclosure Guidelines.

In essence our investment opportunity can be narrowed down to this very simple bullet points within this one-page PDF File we uploaded for you:


It is also important that we have no plans to make a Reverse Split, our Share Structure is rated perfect by our treasured shareholders.

Update on Plans to Disclose Current Status on SEC Filings

This information and other additional information will enable the company to finalize an audit that has already started. The fact that we have posted nine 8-K’s in the last few weeks, including this one, has generated awareness within regulators that we are going to become fully reporting soon. We will continue to acquire claims within the projects and extend our current positions within the areas of interest. We are also working on other acquisitions.

Once the company is Fully Audited, we will prepare and present a S-1 Registration Statement in order to up list our Securities. The company is in conversation with a Securities Lawyer and Special Consultant on how to better prepare this filing.


Just to provide some information in advance to our shareholders, and to feed their eagerness to learn our current financial position we will hereby mention some of the most relevant aspects regarding:

Note 11 – Subsequent Events

Operations. Within 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019, the company was engaged in exploring for industrial minerals. The company successfully managed to target several claims on different states of different industrial minerals. During this period, the price of Gold and Silver was not favorable and raising capital was not feasible. 2018 it improved but still it is not like it is now, the market has improved. 2019 has been better for us with respect to volume and we have been successfully gathering the attention of the market.

The company did invest a small amount of about $30,000 USD on these exploration and development efforts during this period maintaining our Exploration Activities on acquisition mode and not allowing the company to fall into a category and be deemed a Shell Status.

Shareholder StructureSeveral of our most important investors and shareholders have requested that before we go current, we advance critical information contained within the Financial Statements within Note 12.

Note 12 – Registration of Stock

The outstanding Common Stock shares at December 31, 2019 consist of the following:

 No. Shares
Securities Exchange Act Rule 144 Restricted Issue220,774,117
Pedro Villagran-Garcia138,774,117
Joseph Berry33,000,000
Other Shareholders50,000,000
Free Trading Shares149,811,161
Total at December 31, 2019 370,585,278

The Company is authorized to issue 1,000,000,000 common shares.

The company will make further announcements on its other projects as progress is made.

TAMINO MINERALS INC. is exploring for gold and other mineral deposits within a prolific Gold producing State, Sonora.  Under SEC Fair Disclosure Guidelines, persons interested in Tamino Minerals can expect disclosures and updates at OTC Markets, the company’s website, www.taminominerals.ca

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On behalf of the Board,

-       Pedro Villagran-Garcia    -

Pedro Villagran-Garcia, President & CEO
Tamino Minerals, Inc.
For further information, please contact the company at 1 (514) 432-7746 or by email at [email protected]

Safe Harbor Statement
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