Tapmaster Incorporated launches production-scale stainless-steel 3D printing division in Calgary

16 September 2022

Tapmaster Incorporated has recently launched a new division under SumMetal Printing to provide rapid prototyping and short-run production to Albertan businesses and entrepreneurs. Tapmaster owns the only Desktop Metal Shop System printing in 316L stainless steel for direct contract use in Canada. Combined with state-of-the-art HAAS CNC Milling and Lathe capability, SumMetal can help get nearly any prototype off the ground. Being local to Alberta allows for shop visits and tours as well as quick turnaround for Canadian customers that have traditionally relied on cross-border services.

The Desktop Metal Shop System is a binder jet style 3D printer. This unique technology allows for hundreds of different parts to be printed simultaneously with a much finer surface finish than DMLS technology. This allows for loads with multiple different parts, or short run production of final end-use parts. When complete, the parts produced are 99% dense and contain no impurities making them ideal for use in any environment where MIM (Metal Injection Moulding) or casting would be used. The high resolution of the printer also allows for parts to be made that would otherwise need to be machined. Fine pitch threads and small orifices are all able to be printed without post-processing in many cases.

Compared to traditional manufacturing methods, binder jet printing has several key advantages:

  • No tooling costs
  • No setup time
  • Little to no post-processing
  • 96 hour turnaround times are possible

“We are very excited to bring this new manufacturing technology to market in Canada. We hope to help accelerate the already impressive growth in the local manufacturing and start-up community,” said Tyler Pubben, president of Tapmaster Incorporated/SumMetal Printing.

About Tapmaster Incorporated/SumMetal Printing
Founded in 1994 as Integra Dynamics Inc. Tapmaster has created a leading line of hands-free faucet systems based entirely on water pressure. All Tapmaster products are manufactured entirely in Calgary. With the addition of new prototyping machines, Tapmaster created SumMetal Printing to make leading-edge technology available at a more affordable price to other Canadian businesses. Find more information at www.tapmaster.ca or www.summetal.com and on Facebook: @tapmaster Twitter: @tapmasterinc and Instagram: @tapmasterhandsfree.

Media Contact:
Tyler Pubben
[email protected]