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12 December 2019

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HAV (Hybrid Agri Vehicle) - First Public showcase to the world at Agritechnica 2019, Hannover, Germany
HAV (Hybrid Agri Vehicle) - First Public showcase to the world at Agritechnica 2019, Hannover, Germany

India is a crucial agrarian economy which employs around 50% of its workforce, but unfortunately, it is one of the most neglected sectors. A lot has been promised and said, but nothing substantial has reflected in the ground situation. Farmers are still struggling and the agriculture sector is crippling with multiple issues. Some of these issues are low farm yield, small scale mechanisation, increasing fertiliser costs, rising fuel prices, and high cost of the latest technologies to name a few.
With a solid commitment to providing solutions, Proxecto Engineering Services decided to venture into the farming territory with its flagship product- Hybrid Agri Vehicle (HAV), launching in the year 2020 to help farmers in India. This next-generation hybrid vehicle is ready to change the lives of farmers with its pathbreaking innovation.
With cutting edge features and innovative hybrid technology, Proxecto team showcased its Hybrid Agri Vehicle (HAV) in the prestigious AgriTechnica 2019, in Hanover, Germany. Which is the world’s leading trade fair in agricultural machinery and equipment. HAV received a tremendous response from the bests in the industry. From an enthusiastic congregation of 2830 exhibitors to a massive crowd of 4.5 lakh visitors, comprising around 1.3 lakh visitors from all over the world. HAV generated huge interest from all corners and promising business collaboration requests from representatives of countries like Spain, Ukraine, Greece, Canada, Argentina, Lithuania and Belgium. HAV indeed became the talking point of the event. AgriTechnica 2019 gave the perfect start to our Hybrid Agri Vehicles with global recognition and coverage in digital and TV media. 
Feedback from Global Media, Farmers & Industrialists -

“WOW”, “Interesting”, “Superior Technology” was the feedback we got on Day 1

Banter on Twitter for the most innovative, realistically practical machine at the show?

Farmers Weekly Magazine (UK)

Más Producción TV Coverage
With such positive feedback and responses, HAV team is now ready to roll out the most awaited hybrid electric tractor in the year 2020.
Talking about his dream project and electric technology in tractors, Ankit Tyagi, MD & Founder of HAV, said:

“A tractor is the axis of farmer’s entire life. It is not just used for farming but also used for transportation and several other family needs. The safety and ease of operation were our top priorities when we thought of making this vehicle. The electronic controls, automation, smart manoeuvrability and minimum manual intervention make HAV the perfect tractor the Indian farmers deserve. Our hybrid agri vehicles will be available almost at the same cost of a traditional tractor to bring the much-needed innovation in Agri life.” In addition, these future-ready electric tractors are made in India under our pioneering hybrid technology which is inspired by the “Make in India” initiative and consists of Indian expertise and production in its heart and we are proud of that.
HAV is a self-sustaining futuristic tractor equipped with state-of-the-art features and frugal technology. This self-energising hybrid tractor is an absolute game-changer with no transmission system, no clutch, no battery packs, no gearbox, pellucid design and it also generates self electricity for its operation. The revolutionary electric vehicle has a Yanmar engine, that offers independent torque control and power, all-wheel independent steering, all-wheel independent suspension, 2.5m turning radius and much more.
Even though the hybrid tractor is currently available in S1 (Diesel hybrid) and S2 (CNG hybrid), it comes with the customisation ability to be transformed into a future-ready electric tractor based on the farmer’s requirements. The fact is that our country lacks adequate infrastructure for electric vehicles, which brought forward the need for self-energising hybrid agri vehicles instead of complete electric tractors.
 Our innovative Hybrid Agri Vehicle consists of 4 Wheel-mounted electric motors, an alternator, capable of transferring electricity directly to wheel motors through ECU (Electric Control Unit) but without any involvement of costly battery packs. That avoids any unnecessary mechanical loss and fuel consumption is also reduced to a great extent. While its S1 (Diesel hybrid) can save up to 26 to 30% fuel, the second variant S2 (CNG hybrid) can reduce the fuel consumption by up to 50%, hence making it the most cost-effective farm vehicle.
 In pursuit of a better Agri life for farmers, this advanced self-energising tractor is way better than traditional tractors. It comes with all basic features of a 50 Horsepower normal tractor, offers smart electric controllers, interactive touch panel and electric PTO. It also provides an electric power supply unit of up to 40 KVA, which can light up to 10 houses, maintenance-free performance for 5-8 years, safety features and more.
To know more about the vision, thoughts and features regarding HAV, do check out the video coverage of the tech wizard from Spain on YouTube-
This New Year 2020 is going to be a promising one for the entire farming community, which is currently reeling under numerous problems. Although HAV is presently in the testing phase, it will be available to the Indian market in April 2020. Take the clarion call now and be a part of our HAV life for a better tomorrow.
To know more about our electric tractors, check out HAV website, and share your feedback and comments at [email protected] or Whatsapp us at 9811461122.

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