Tenna Launches the TennaBLE Beacon Steel Puck, Expanding Its Line of Extremely Durable Construction Equipment Tracking Hardware

31 March 2021

TENNA, the construction technology platform that revolutionizes equipment fleet operations,  announced it has launched the TennaBLE Beacon Steel Puck, the newest member of the rugged Tenna hardware product line.

The TennaBLE Beacon Steel Puck device is Tenna's latest innovative hardware offering for construction equipment fleet tracking and management. Ideal for autonomously tracking the location of equipment parts and attachments such as buckets and blades that get aggressive, high-impact use, the "steel puck" is a spin on Tenna's traditional Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon that is encased in steel and welded to the asset for extra ruggedness.

The Tenna team is very excited to launch the TennaBLE Beacon Steel Puck as they continue to expand and provide reliable tracking products for construction environments. Tenna already boasts a full line of durable and rugged hardware and are proud of their newest, innovative addition for their contractor partners.

This tracker, like all things Tenna, was inspired in the field and developed in-house. Tenna sought to create a more robust solution to autonomously monitor parts and attachments for their contractors. BLE technology is a great, low-cost solution for this need, but for the pieces that are constantly subject to high-impact force and activity in the field, they pursued an autonomous tracker that would remain stable unyieldingly.

A true team effort, the development of the TennaBLE Beacon Steel Puck is a noteworthy example of Tenna's in-house team's ingenuity. "We saw an opportunity to improve on the ruggedness of our already excellent BLE asset tracker. Working with our lead implementation mechanic Jim G., we engineered a case design that leverages the extreme temperature performance of an IP67 watertight glass-filled nylon inner casing, along with a tough AL-killed steel outer fitting for impact resistance. A welded fitting on the asset provides a permanent mounting that will resist the most extreme of forces. We designed the casing and mounting strategy to have minimal impact to the RF signal propagation so our customers will still enjoy excellent range with our toughened BLE solution. All things considered, we believe that the TennaBLE Beacon Steel Puck is a winning solution for heavy assets and attachments," says Frank Rodriguez, Hardware Engineering Manager at Tenna.

This product matters to contractors because now equipment operators can spend more time moving material and less time looking for buckets and other attachments. "This tracker is a game changer for our customers," says Austin Conti, Tenna CEO and Co-Founder. By opening the Tenna app, contractors can see where these easy-to-lose assets are located across their scattered areas of work.

"We are very excited to unveil this new product offering. Attachments are often overlooked in the equipment management world because until now there was no autonomous solution that was able to hold up to the rigors of the environment these assets are used in. By using the new TennaBLE Beacon Steel Puck, our clients will now have full visibility over where these assets are on the jobsite and in the yard," says James House, Director of Implementation at Tenna. "No more buckets left in the weeds during job closeouts!"

Why TennaBLE Beacon Steel Puck?

The TennaBLE Beacon Steel Puck tracker is rugged, highly durable and effortless to read for reliable location tracking for construction equipment parts and attachments. The TennaBLE Beacon Steel Puck sends out regular heartbeats which are recognized by the Tenna mobile asset tracking apps for iOS and Android. When downloaded onto a smart device, the app automatically identifies and records the location of tagged assets when in range and stores your data on Tenna. This visibility helps contractors save time, improve communication, work more efficiently and improve operations and workflows in the field, and ultimately save significant costs to grow the bottom line.

About Tenna

Tenna goes beyond tracking. Tenna, www.tenna.com, is the construction technology platform that revolutionizes equipment fleet operations. We are the standard for the construction industry. We enable you to know more. You get comprehensive, reliable tracking on a unified platform that is designed for mixed fleets. We built our solution on over 100 years of construction experience.

With more insight, you can control more. From status to assignee and maintenance, get comprehensive data on your mixed fleet. On your projects, gain more control over equipment utilization, master job costing and oversee your safety and compliance needs. At the office, gain full visibility and improved communications with the field, shop and between departments, providing full transparency from any location and better data to make purchase decisions.

And finally, with more control, you can make more. With knowledge, comes the power to make informed decisions on renting/owning/moving mixed assets. See improved utilization. Have more predictable days.

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