TimkenSteel Introduces New Endurance Steels: Clean Technology Focused on Making Gears Last Longer, Perform Better

24 October 2017

For 100 years, TimkenSteel has created some of the cleanest and best-performing special bar quality (SBQ) steel in the industry. Today, the company offers customers more than 500 grades, including its new Endurance product line, which is being introduced at this week's Gear Expo in Columbus, Ohio.

This family of Endurance steels, comprised of both TimkenSteel's existing high-strength and/or high-toughness grades as well as three new, patent-pending, ultra-high-strength, high-toughness steels, results from close collaboration with a broad range of industrial, oil and gas and automotive customers to achieve enhanced performance in extremely demanding applications.

"We've always been a leader in developing high-performance steels, and now we're making our offering even better," said Ray Fryan, TimkenSteel's vice president of technology and quality. "Endurance steels combine higher levels of strength and toughness, driven by an application's unique requirements. For our customers and, in turn, their customers, this can translate to increased power transmission, lighter weight, and/or extended product life and reduced component failure. Better yet, using Endurance steels, customers don't have to redesign their components or processes to reap the benefits."

Endurance grades are suited for demanding applications in oil and gas, mining, military, marine, construction and more. In fact, a primary benefit of the Endurance line is that it provides multiple material options that can satisfy a range of performance objectives.

In highly engineered components like gears, these grades' higher levels of strength and toughness offer gear designers/manufacturers the ability to create improved gears that can achieve significant savings and performance advantages over those produced from more traditional steel grades. Additional benefits may include reduced downtime and lower warranty costs.

"These steels serve demanding, energy-intensive environments where components are handling very high loads and also moving at very high speeds," Fryan said. "They offer an incredible amount of strength and toughness in a small envelope.

"Our technology team is constantly working to push the bounds of what's possible to meet not only today's needs, but what our customers are looking for five, 10 and even 100 years from now," Fryan said.

To learn more about how TimkenSteel's Endurance steels and clean steel practices can improve your products, stop by booth No. 916 at Gear Expo Oct. 24-26 or visit timkensteel.com.

About TimkenSteel Corporation

TimkenSteel (NYSE: TMST, timkensteel.com) creates tailored steel products and services for demanding applications, helping customers push the bounds of what's possible within their industries. The company reaches around the world in its customers' products and leads North America in large alloy steel bars (up to 16 inches in diameter) and seamless mechanical tubing made of its special bar quality (SBQ) steel, as well as supply chain and steel services. TimkenSteel operates warehouses and sales offices in five countries and has made its steel in America for 100 years. The company posted sales of $870 million in 2016. Follow us on Twitter @TimkenSteel and on Instagram.