TK Elevator launches EOX, the eco-efficient and digitally native low- to mid-rise elevator designed to improve the overall customer experience

10 May 2023

TK Elevator, one of the global market and innovation leaders in the elevator industry, is launching EOX in North America. The eco-efficient elevator platform is engineered to meet the demands of two- to 10-story buildings with its space-saving design, advanced technologies and reduced lead times. TK Elevator has answered the call of architects, developers and building owners with a product optimized to fit most budgets and construction timelines, giving them everything they need and more than they expect.

EOX comes standard with features usually reserved for premium products:    

  • Advanced digital services increase uptime and extend product lifespan
  • In-car multimedia display entertains and informs passengers with custom content
  • Regenerative drive captures energy and feeds it back into the building
  • Eco-mode reduces the elevator's speed and acceleration during low traffic times
  • Enhanced in-car sensors monitor entrance safety and ride quality
  • Security features include two-way chat, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and in-car camera connected through IoT platform MAX

"Elevators are an essential part of modern infrastructure and urbanization. To keep up with customer and rider expectations, TK Elevator will continue to ensure our products evolve through innovation," said Jeremy Rainwater, CEO Americas. "EOX is designed to reduce operating costs for our customers and provide them with an affordable elevator that is smart, sustainable and ready for the future."

TK Elevator is committed to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050 and to partner with customers to reach their carbon reduction targets. Therefore, a focus on carbon reduction was integrated into the product design, impacting material choices. For example, the elevator's counterweight is 40% concrete, meaning it has less embodied carbon than a steel-only alternative. The elevator is also several hundred pounds lighter than previous models, allowing efficiency without sacrificing durability or safety.

EOX is assembled in the U.S. using 100% renewable energy. It was designed, qualified and tested at TK Elevator's LEED Gold Certified Innovation and Qualification Center in Atlanta. Additionally, TK Elevator has trained more than 200 LEED Green Associates and BREEAM Associates across North America to help architects, general contractors and building owners obtain green building certifications for their projects.

Every EOX comes standard with the cloud-based predictive maintenance solution MAX. It analyzes performance data to inform customers about the "health" of their elevator so building managers and TK Elevator's service technicians have real-time information at their fingertips for faster, more efficient decision making. This data-driven approach has the power to cut elevator downtime by up to 50%. Customers also have the option to enhance their tenant's experience with touchless technology, AGILE Mobile. The digital tool gives riders the ability to request an elevator remotely from their smartphone or smartwatch.

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