United States Steel Corporation Commits To Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions Intensity By 20%

15 November 2019

United States Steel Corporation today took another step in the execution of its strategy to become the “best of both” in the steel industry with the announcement of its plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions intensity across its global footprint.  The company has set a goal to reduce its global greenhouse gas emissions intensity by 20 percent, as measured by the rate of carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalents emitted per ton of finished steel shipped, by 2030 based on 2018 baseline levels. This target will apply to U. S. Steel’s global operations.

“Committing to a global greenhouse gas intensity reduction target is central to U. S. Steel’s strategy to become a world-competitive ‘best of both’ integrated and mini mill steel company,” said U. S. Steel President and Chief Executive Officer David B. Burritt. “These reductions will be equivalent to the amount of CO2 being generated by more than 850,000 average-sized homes each year. By creating targeted carbon reduction initiatives to accelerate our transformation toward a future of sustainable steel, we create value for all stakeholders.”

U. S. Steel’s greenhouse gas emissions intensity reduction goal will be achieved through execution of multiple initiatives.  These include the development of electric arc furnace steelmaking at U. S. Steel’s Fairfield Works and at Big River Steel, the first LEED-certified steel mill in the nation, in which U. S. Steel recently acquired a minority interest with an option to acquire the remainder over the next four years.  Electric arc furnace steelmaking relies on scrap recycling to produce new steel products, capitalizing on steel’s status as the most recycled material on earth.  Further carbon intensity reductions are expected to come from the company’s introduction of state-of-the-art endless rolling and casting technology and construction of a cogeneration facility at its Mon Valley Works announced in May, as well as implementation of ongoing energy efficiency measures, continued use of renewable energy sources and other process improvements.   

Kevin Zeik, Ph.D., senior research fellow of innovation at U. S. Steel said: “The carbon intensity reduction target announced today reflects our commitment to continuous improvement in production efficiency and builds on our industry-leading XG3™ advanced high-strength steel. This technology enables automakers to manufacture lighter weight vehicles that meet federal Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards with reduced carbon emissions. As part of our innovation efforts, we continue to look at new steelmaking technologies including those that can further reduce carbon emissions as those technologies mature.”

Forward-Looking Statements

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United States Steel Corporation, headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pa., is a leading integrated steel producer and Fortune 250 company with major operations in the United States and Central Europe.  For more information about U. S. Steel, please visit www.ussteel.com.

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