Western Machine Works LLC Awarded Vendor Certification by GE Renewable Energy

17 May 2023

Western Machine Works LLC – A Division of In-Place Machining Company, a full-service machine shop specializing in engineering-focused repair, refurbishing, and manufacturing based in Portland, Oregon, receives vendor approval certification from GE Renewable Energy, commencing in 2023 and extending into year 2026.

This certification qualifies Western Machine Works LLC as a GE-approved service partner with an eligibility scope to machine critical hydro components including wicket gates, hydromechanical penstock and steel liners, butterfly or spherical valve with GE design, bearings, bearing pads, and welded components for GE Renewable Energy, within the specified validity of issuance and approved conditions.

“We are honored to receive the certification as an approved vendor of GE Renewable Energy. Our team, headed by our hydro-engineering specialist, is looking forward to providing GE the engineering-focused machining support for its highly critical repair and refurbishing for hydro projects,” said Greg Allen, SVP and General Manager of Western Machine Works LLC.

Western Machine Works LLC passed the rigorous vendor qualification process which included high standards for quality, safety, and financial stability.

In-Place Machining Company continues to grow and strengthen its capabilities by adding leaders in industrial solutions to its team. With the newest addition of Western Machine Works, LLC to the IPM Machining Services Division as well as its strong Measurement & Alignment Services Division of OASIS Alignment Services, Exact Metrology, and East Coast Metrology, IPM brings a level of experience, knowledge, tooling, and service that is unrivaled in the industry.

About Western Machine Works LLC – A Division of In-Place Machining Company:

Western Machine Works LLC was founded in 1985 in Portland, Oregon, specializing in engineering-focused repair, upgrade, and manufacture of heavy machinery, including large precision components for wind, hydro, marine, pulp & paper, and other critical industries.

In March 2023, Western Machine Works LLC was acquired by In-Place Machining Company (IPM). Based in Milwaukee, WI with extensive operations across the U.S. and Canada, IPM has a global reputation as the premier provider of high-precision industrial solutions. As a division of In-Place Machining Company, Western Machine Works LLC expands its value-added offering to customers, adding field machining, large-scale cutting & drilling, 3D scanning, measurement, and alignment expertise.