WIN Eurasia 2018: Organized together to make you win more

17 May 2017

Two important events in the manufacturing industry, organized by Hannover Fairs Turkey Fuarc?l?k, WIN Eurasia Metalworking and WIN Eurasia Automation decided to combine their forces by 2018 pursuant to heavy request from the visitors and the exhibitors. By the motto of "Unity is strength", it is aimed to gather all the actors and components of the manufacturing industry under WIN Eurasia - World of Industry on March 15th - 18th, 2018.

Organized as 7 exhibitions in two separate phases between 2007 and 2017, WIN Eurasia are now able to bring all these shows together under one roof thanks to increasing capacity of TUYAP fairground. Beside the significant synergy getting from the high interaction of two leading trade event under one roof with more than 3000 exhibitors and 150.000 visitors, WIN Eurasia 2018 will provide good advantages for the visitors and exhibitors in terms of time and budget efficiency as well. While visitors have a chance to reach more product groups in one stop, exhibitors get the opportunity to reach to more national and international trade visitors from several sectors. Moreover, since the exhibitors of the shows are also potential customers for other  WIN shows, WIN Eurasia 2018 will generate more business contacts by gathering all WIN fairs at one location.

Higher efficiency, higher gain!

Alexander Kühnel, General Manager of Hannover Fairs Turkey says the following regarding the recent developments:

"We have always attached great significance to the requests of the industry. Both our exhibitors and our visitors made heavy request for the WIN Eurasia Exhibitions, which are organized in two separate phases to be merged.  As a result of our evaluations, we agreed on the idea that a single event covering 7 industries that are closely related would create significant synergy. We are happy to be able to realize this project in 2018. WIN Eurasia - World of Industry 2018 will bring together all interrelated products and services in the manufacturing processes under a single roof. It will bring together its visitors with much more products, brands and exhibitors. So we believe that the new energy arising from two WIN events that combine their forces will bring about a much higher efficiency as well as a much higher gain for our exhibitors and visitors."

Experience 360° Manufacturing Industry under one roof!

WIN Eurasia - World of Industry will offer 360? view of the manufacturing industry together with the 7 trade fairs under one roof. In this way, visitors will have the unique opportunity to experience all solutions for the manufacturing industry from A to Z in one location. From new generation sheet processing and welding technologies to surface treatment technologies, automation technologies to electric and electronic equipments, motion and drives technologies to intralogistics, WIN EURASIA 2018 will be bringing all the ecosystem needed for the future’s factories.

The right address for Industry 4.0
Factories are at the threshold of a major transformation in today's world where technological developments such as automation, digitalization, internet of things and augmented reality lead to major changes in the world of industry and indicate to a new period called Industry 4.0. Having been the first event where the developments in the industry are displayed for years, WIN Eurasia Fairs  are preparing to lead the companies in this transformation. Therefore WIN Eurasia - World of Industry, where visitors who aim to make investments for the future for the optimization of manufacturing processes can easily access to thousands of products is preparing to come to the forefront as the most important trade event of the year which will influence all purchasing decisions.

With its new face and new opportunities, WIN Eurasia 2018 will open its gates on March 15th - 18th, 2018.

Hannover Fairs Turkey Fuarc?l?k A.?.
Cemre Uludere - Corporate Communication Manager
e-mail: [email protected]