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Workers Freedom Coalition Announces LeMaster Workers Settlement LeMaster Steel To Recover Wages & Other Benefits; Activists Say This Is Only First Step Bettering Workplace

Friday, Oct 28, 2016

LeMaster Steel Erectors, Inc., a steel erection company in Elkhart, Indiana, has agreed to resolve the case of four workers exercising their rights in the workplace.

Workers Jonathan Johnson, Brandon Bridenthal, Michael Melton and Stefan Chaffins receive "wages and other benefits they lost because [LeMaster] fired them," and all references to their discharges and adverse tax consequences of their termination will be remedied. (NLRB posting dated 9/23/2016)

Johnson said he is glad the company and his co-workers reached this resolution, but expressed disappointment LeMaster continues to refuse to address all worker issues including providing safety equipment and dangerous and inhumane working conditions.  "It really feels like LeMaster just tried to buy us off," Johnson said.  As a worker advocate for LeMaster employees Johnson said he will continue his fight to improve conditions at the company.

LeMaster Steel Erectors has agreed to post a notice to all its employees informing them of their right to discuss wages, hours and working conditions with other employees. Further, LeMaster was required to make a inform workers that the company will not "do anything to interfere" with the exercise of these fundamental rights. To that end, LeMaster has informed its employees that when workers engage in protected concerted activities to improve their wages, hours and conditions of employment, they "will not terminate or discharge" those employees.

Re: LeMaster Steel Erectors, Inc.
Case[s]: 25-CA-172357

Contact: Jonathan Johnson
Phone: 317-999-2314


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