Young Business Tycoon Is Here to Make Waves in the Traditional Manufacturing Industry of India

16 September 2019

Business Wire India

Utkarsh Bansal receiving WCRC Best Brand Award 2018
Utkarsh Bansal receiving WCRC Best Brand Award 2018

Inheriting the family business is one thing but securing its future is another, and this is precisely what Utkarsh Bansal has addressed after joining his family’s infrastructure conglomerate. Utkarsh Bansal, the director of Utkarsh India, has pushed boundaries and come up with exemplary ways to progress his business.
After graduating in Industrial Engineering Operations Research from the University of California, Berkeley, Utkarsh immediately joined the business with the roles in marketing, building their nascent export division and the rebranding of Utkarsh India for the PVC division. Post his MBA from the Indian School of Business, he took an active role as a director, focusing on transiting the company from a steel pipes manufacturer to a manufacturer of engineering products for the infrastructural industry as well as building a sustainable growth model for carving a new image of Utkarsh India in the infrastructural sector.
Taking the family legacy forward, Utkarsh is responsible for many milestones the company has achieved:
  1. Won WCRC’s Best Brand Award amidst Industry stalwarts
  2. Made 35% growth in topline in 2017-2018 and expected 40% growth in topline in 2018-2019
  3. Witnessed more than 50% growth in the bottom line in both years
  4. Became the highest supplier of railway electrification structures to the Indian Railways as acknowledged by CORE
  5. Became the highest manufacturer of poles (both octagonal and steel tubular poles) in India
  6. Top 10 manufacturing firms award
  7. Expanded the dealer base by 1.5X

Utkarsh attributes his success majorly to the business values he inherited from his father at an early age. Considered as one of the creative minds of the younger generation, he introduced smart factory concepts, dynamic strategies, technical excellence and improved manufacturing techniques to make the company more efficient, more sustainable, and more profitable. He believes that since he entered an already established business with a huge turnover, his task was to help the company grow to make it more extensive and more diverse than it currently is. He aims at becoming a market leader in all the seven verticals and making Utkarsh India an Rs. 5000 Crore infrastructure conglomerate in the next five years. With his wealth of experience and knowledge, his mission is to become a go-to brand from for all infrastructural companies in our country. About Utkarsh India

Serving and facilitating the availability of the basic demands of life such as water availability, power availability, light, transportation (via railways), safety etc Utkarsh India via their products which deals in PVC pipes, poles, steel tubes, towers and Railways electrification has become one of the leading and recognized manufacturers of infrastructural products in the country.
About Utkarsh Bansal

Utkarsh Bansal the Director of Business Strategies at Utkarsh India has a degree in Bachelor of Science specializing in Industrial Engineering & Operations Research from UC Berkeley, USA along with Post Graduation in Business Administration from Indian School of Business. Utkarsh Bansal always had the Entrepreneurial bug bitten him having a family business from the last 40 years in an area which had huge growth & potential in Infrastructural products. Having worked through various start-ups in his college years, Utkarsh aims to have a foresight and see the needs and challenges of the future along with having a thorough understanding of various areas of business and the infrastructure Industry.