Double Girder E.O.T Crane

IMT specializes in manufacturing material handling equipments, mainly E.O.T cranes and electric hoists. E.O.T cranes are manufactured for steel plants/rolling mills/workshop/cement plants/pipe plants and many other industries. The E.O.T cranes are available in single girder/double girder and gantry cranes and confirm to various Indian as well as International standards. The E.O.T cranes manufactured at IMT have a number of satisfied customers internationally. IMT has partnered with DEMAG for manufacturing EOT cranes/structures for them as OEM. IMT can design and manufacture light or heavy E.O.T cranes with diverse range of grabs. E.O.T cranes from IMT have electro hydraulic thyristor type self adjusting brake. E.O.T cranes also have master controller type electrical circuit designed with requisite safety features and inter locks. L type wheel assemblies and double spherical roller bearings are also provided in E.O.T cranes.

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