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DSI Printing Platform Update Keeps the Line Moving

Thursday, Nov 03, 2016

KANSAS CITY, Mo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- DSI today announces its latest release to the company’s Enterprise Printing Platform (EPP). Enterprise Printing Platform version 9.6 will improve supply chain efficiency by extending its integration methods and automating media replenishment.

The update augments DSI’s printing solution with the company’s Cloud Inventory product. Cloud Inventory extends print management capabilities by automating the replenishment of printing materials. Automated inventory oversight of thermal label and ribbon inventory prevents production delays from running out of labels. Instead, businesses using EPP can “keep the line moving” by ensuring that labels are always in stock.

Enterprise Printing Platform version 9.6 allows businesses to track usage and inventory and automatically place replenishment orders. With this feature, companies that print labels in the warehouse may cut costs by avoiding media shortages, emergency replenishment orders and by reducing the amount of extra inventory on hand.

“It doesn’t matter how powerful or effective your enterprise printing system is; if you run out of media, the line stops. You can’t let that happen,” said Jim Hoskins, Vice President, Apps Development, DSI. “Our latest EPP update and our Cloud Inventory product alleviates that problem by letting customers set the desired levels and leave media replenishment to DSI.”

Additionally, the 9.6 update makes integrating the browser-based printing platform even easier. Web services add a simple, secure method for requesting labels, getting a list of available printers or finding another printer with the same media. With the update, mobile and web applications can now take command of EPP and offer users extended control and capabilities.

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