3rd Automotive Steel Summit 2019

3rd Automotive Steel Summit 2019

23 August - 23 August, 2019


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Vivanta New Delhi, India

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301, Dev Corpora, Opp. Cadbury, Pokhran Road no. 1, Khopat, Thane(W), Maharashtra 400602

About 3rd Automotive Steel Summit 2019

The automotive & Steel industries are the major contributor to the economy in India and on global level. Automotive industry also consumes steel in huge portion. The Steel for automobile industries are available domestically and through imports as well. Automotive steel has high demand in India as it is needed to produce body of cars and auto components. Considering the overall capacity of Steel production, it shows that India can meet the entire domestic steel demand for Automotives. To create a business network amog these 2 industries, we hereby present the 3rd segment of Automotive Steel Summit. We invite all Steel industry professionals along with the automobile industry to network and discuss on the issues to make a better automotive steel environment.




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