Conference of Metallurgists 2017

Conference of Metallurgists 2017

27 August - 30 August, 2017


Hyatt Regency Vancouver, Canada

Organized By:

(514) 939-2710

1250-3500 de Maisonneuve Boulevard W., Westmount, QC H3Z 3C1

About Conference of Metallurgists 2017

The 56th annual Conference of Metallurgists will host the 7th World Gold symposia and the 4th Nickel-Cobalt conference.

Other major symposia will include Advances in Materials Manufacturing III, Advanced Measuring Techniques and Technologies in Mineral Processing, Energy and Eco-Efficiency in Mining and Processing, Light Metal Alloys, Enabling Innovation in Metallurgy, Corrosion and Environmental degradation of Materials, and the second symposium on the Women of Innovation.

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