North American Steel Conference 2017

North American Steel Conference 2017

2 October - 4 October, 2017

+44 (0)20 7903 2236

Swissotel Chicago, USA

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About North American Steel Conference 2017

CRU is delighted to announce details of the North American Steel Conference on the 2-4 October 2017. The event will once again take place in Chicago, home to the greatest concentration of steel consumers in North America.

The CRU North American Steel Conference provides access to leading steel market and price information, and regularly attracts the industry’s largest purchasers and steel mills, by providing analysis of the US steel and raw materials market, alongside robust price outlooks.

Clamp downs on unfairly traded material from China and good fundamentals in the energy and construction sectors have significantly improved the outlook for the steel industry this year. Nevertheless, prices, supply, demand, imports, raw materials prices, restocking and other market dynamics are influenced by a huge range of factors. The Section 232 national security investigation, future infrastructure spend, Chinese supply and environmental reforms and Buy America all pose a challenge or an opportunity depending on your position in the supply chain or individual strategy.

CRU’s North American Steel Conference will provide mills, re-rollers, service centres and end-users robust forecasts for sheet, longs, raw materials and value added products. It will provide information that you will be unable to obtain elsewhere, such as China’s capabilities in value added product manufacture. Just as importantly it will objectively identify risks, provide insights and contribute positively to your business’ commercial strategy.

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