Dr. Jens Mller
About: Dr. Jens Mller - CEO

Dr. Jens Mller, Head of Product Management for Inotec at global foundry supplier ASK Chemicals, talks to CP+T International about the advantages of the Inotec-process in series production, discusses the challenges faced in introducing it and gives a foretaste of the current developments In the casting process, Inotec is proving its worth with significantly greater economy and lower emissions. This is underlined by the successful introduction of Inotec to the automotive industry for series production, e. g. at the light-alloy foundry Landshut of German car maker BMW where crankcases for diesel engines are manufactured (Photo: BMW) When reconciling the often conflicting priorities of productivity, quality and sustainability in core manufacture, the choice of binder system plays a decisive role. Core molding operations face a choice: Whether to use organic core binding agents or inorganic binding agent systems? Can you tell us something about the importance of inorganic binders for the foundry industry? In the case of inorganic binders, increased productivity and a reduction of emissions are not mutually exclusive. Above all in the casting process, significantly increased economic efficiency is achievable with Inotec. The absence of organic residues perceptibly reduces the time and effort invested in cleaning work. Moreover, accelerated solidification in the casting process - a function of the lower tool temperatures made possible by inorganic methods - cuts cycle times. What is more, accelerated solidification enables greater component strengths to be achieved, which is especially relevant in the development of the new generation of lowconsumption, super-charged engines. This is not possible with organic binders, due to the large quantities of con- Internet-PDF from "Casting Plant & Technology " 01/2012, pages 6 - 8 Giesserei-Verlag, Dsseldorf Casting Plant & Technology 1/2012 densates that are generated and the amount of cleaning that this entails. I am convinced that inorganic binders will play an increasingly important role. This is because, quite apart from the environmental advantages, Inotec can also save costs and raise productivity.