Mr. Emanuele Morandi
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The Italian and European steel sectors still offer many opportunities. Also for India, says Emanuele Morandi, President of Siderweb (the Italian Iron and Steel Community) and Managing Director of Made in Steel (the conference & exhibition of the steel Industry).

How is the health of European steel?

After the 2008 crisis, the European iron and steel industry registered a net decrease in volumes. After the recession of 2009 and 2013, however, something changed in Europe.  2014 saw an apparent increase in consumption of 3.5% from the previous year, with a result that was clearly higher than the world average (+2.0%). Also, in 2015, due to the weakness of the euro with respect to the dollar and to improvements in the general economic situation, a further growth reaching 149 million tons, three million tons higher than the previous year is expected.

Many countries over the last few years have set up some customs barriers on the import of foreign iron and steel products.What is the situation in Europe in this respect?

In march 2015a barrier that was put on flat stainless steel products coming from China and Taiwan was lifted.Nevertheless, the European Union is still one of the areas in the worldthat is more open to international trade, just to think that in 2014 steel imports coming from non EU countries came to a total of 39,865 million tons, with an increase of 8% with respect to 2013. In economic terms, Europe spent over 33 billion dollars to purchase steel.  From this amount, 2.5 billion dollars took the road to India, that supplied Europe with 1,489 million tons. Furthermore, for 2015 and 2016, Eurofer, the European Steel Manufacturers association, has estimated an increase of 2% in importation. Therefore Europe continues to display openness towards international trade andisfull of opportunities.

And Italy? What is the magnitude of its steel market?

Italy is the second country in the European Union for steel production and consumption. Production in 2014 was equal to 23,735 million tons and consumption was 25,389 million tons, with an increase of 0.8% from the previous year. The Italian steel sector continues to be one of the most dynamic in Europe, with over 100 companies active in the production of steel, tubes and processed products, 500 steel distributors and 500 scrap traders. Italy is also very active in international steel trade, with imports (from within and outside the EU) of over 16.5 million tons in 2014 and exports of 17.5 million tons.

How is the Italian Steel industry evolving?

Over the last few years, Italy has been witnessing the restructuring of the steel sector, with the mergers of a few companies and the entry of foreign operators. In general terms, over the last 10 years it has been moving towards special steels: in 2003 only 14% of the overall Italian steel production was represented by quality steel and special steel, today it has increased to 25%, with long products at 28%. Nevertheless there is still space for common steels, with large imports mainly of semi finished and flat products, of which Italy is still a net importer.

How are relations between India and Italy?

India and Italy, over the last few years, have been increasing their businessinterchange. In 2014, Italy purchased from India over 2.6 million tons of goods, of which 797.194 tons were steel products. The export value from India towards Italy is over 5.5 million dollars, and the export of iron and steel products is over 790 million dollars. Even exports from Italy to India are on the rise and last year was equal to 1 million tons of goods for a value of 4 million dollars.

What are the opportunities for Indian operators in Italy?

Italy needs steel and needs reliable suppliers. India has a large iron and steel production rate and can supply products suitable for the Italian market. There is space for Indian suppliers to grow in the Italian market.To take advantage of this opportunity, one should visit Made in Steel. Made in Steel is the conference & exhibition dedicated to the steel industry which will take place in Milan, Italy from 20-22 May 2015.  Over 250 exhibitors will be present and more than 10,000 visitors are expected during the three day event dedicated to the steel sector.  For those who want to enter the Italian market, to expand their horizons and to make new business contacts, Made in Steel is an ideal opportunity because all the leading Italian and European operators will be present. Italy and Europe need steel. Also Indian steel. See you at Made in Steel!