Adler Industrial Solutions Unveils New Subsidiary: Adler Precision Components

5 October 2023

Adler Industrial Solutions, a prominent name in the industrial tooling sector, is delighted to announce the establishment of its new subsidiary, Adler Precision Components, specializing in high precision machining. This strategic move signifies a significant expansion of Adler's capabilities and underscores the company's unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch precision machining solutions across a wide range of industries.

Adler Precision Components is well-positioned to build upon Adler Industrial Solutions' existing prowess in machining intricate metal components with unparalleled accuracy and precision. The subsidiary's primary focus will be on high precision machining, catering to the exacting requirements of various industries, including industrial, aerospace, and defense sectors.

Adler Precision Components has successfully secured several essential registrations and ISO certifications, underscoring its steadfast dedication to quality and compliance. These credentials serve as a testament to the subsidiary's adherence to industry standards and best practices, positioning Adler Precision Components as a trusted partner for critical applications within these sectors.

One of Adler Precision Components' core strengths lies in its proficiency with a wide range of metals and super alloys. This versatility ensures that the subsidiary can offer tailored solutions to clients, regardless of the specific material requirements for their projects. This commitment to working with diverse materials reflects Adler Precision Components' dedication to meeting the unique needs of its valued clientele.

Philipp Gruner, Chief Executive Officer of Adler Industrial Solutions, expressed his enthusiasm about this development, stating, "As part of Adler Industrial Solutions, our newly established subsidiary, Adler Precision Components, will enable us to achieve new heights in delivering precision and quality to industries that demand nothing but the best. Our extensive expertise, combined with cutting-edge technologies and important certifications, positions us to excel in the realm of high precision machining."

The launch of Adler Precision Components exemplifies Adler Industrial Solutions' forward-thinking approach to meeting the evolving demands of its customers. With a legacy of excellence in custom injection mold manufacturing, the company is poised to further solidify its reputation as an industry leader through this strategic expansion.

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