Amorphous Technologies International and Roctool Announce Exclusive Partnership

4 January 2018

Amorphous Technologies International, Inc. (ATI) today announced its exclusive partnership with Roctool, a leader in induction heating technology used in molding processes for plastic, metals and composites materials.

Through their strategic partnership, the companies have jointly developed and successfully implemented Roctool’s innovative technology for use with amorphous metal alloys. The adapted Roctool systems enable the rapid heating of molds with controlled temperature distribution which opens new manufacturing possibilities for amorphous metals including enhanced quality, new design possibilities and shorter cycle times.

Bryan Reimers, President of ATI, said, "We believe that adding the Roctool technology has helped us unlock the potential of amorphous metals. Interest in amorphous metals has always been high. However, the ability to control temperature during the molding process has been a limitation in the mass commercial adoption of the material for many applications. We are pleased to now announce the official launch of our solution with Roctool helping the markets unlock the potential of amorphous metals.”

Mathieu Boulanger, CEO of Roctool, added, “Amorphous metals have always enjoyed broad interest in many commercial markets. With our experience in the field of composites and plastics, we believe that our collaboration with ATI brings to the market important technology to remove certain processing limitations of amorphous metals and significantly advances the commercial potential of such alloys.”