Armitt Group Signs Contract With Hutchison Ports To Build Steel Handling Facility At London Thamesport

2 December 2016

The Armitt Group, a respected UK shipping agent and specialist logistics company, has signed an agreement with Hutchison Ports for a purpose built, 120,000 square feet specialist steel handling facility at London Thamesport.

Construction of the first phase of 60,000 square feet is currently well underway with completion expected by the end of April 2017. Freight will move through the facility as early as May 2017.
The opening of a specialist steel terminal at London Thamesport is significant. This deep water facility will offer reduced sea freight distances for both short and deep sea steel importers as well as superb rail links straight into the heart of the United Kingdom.

Commenting on the agreement, Nicholas Marshall, Commercial Director of The Armitt Group, said:

“With no lock, beam or draft restrictions to be concerned about, delivering break bulk into London Thamesport is an attractive proposition for importers.

“Sailing times will be cut by three to four days compared to ports on the UK’s west coast or those further up the east coast. When you consider the savings to be made on fuel, travel time and port costs, plus the reduction in CO2 emissions, delivering into London Thamesport is an easy decision for importers to make.

“We have had significant enquiries from current and prospective clients who realise the multiple advantages in sailing directly into a rail connected, deep water facility and being able to use larger vessels over shorter sailing distances.”

The new facility will internally accommodate a complete cargo train to facilitate fast, straightforward train loading. With direct access to a five track railway linking to the Midlands and North of England, a significant amount of traffic will be taken off the already congested UK road network.

Charles Gray, Managing Director of The Armitt Group, said:

“We see this new relationship with London Thamesport as a great opportunity to open up a new supply chain corridor for The Armitt Group to service European and Far Eastern markets. It is a critical link in our plan to develop a fully integrated supply chain across the UK.”

The new facility will be operated by The Armitt Group and has been designed specifically for the handling of high quality steel products. The investment is the first in a three stage plan by The Armitt Group to develop similar multimodal facilities in the Midlands and North of the UK within the next three years.