BORA® Tool Announces New Forstner Drill Bit Line

13 October 2023

BORA® Tool, a leading manufacturer of tools and woodworking accessories, announces a new Forstner bit drilling line, manufactured by FISCH® Tools.

Drill with perfection using the new BORA® Tool Tempest™ Forstner Bit line. With a precision ground cutting edge and small center point for easy registration, this bit ensures accurate, clean, and efficient drilling. Forged from high-speed steel in Austria, the Tempest bits feature an enhanced balance and pro-level geometry, designed to eject shavings, minimizing heat and extending the bit's life. With a precision ground cylindrical shank, the bit is compatible with power tools and drill presses, making it the perfect choice for any woodworking shop. Available in metric and fractional sizes and sets, the Tempest Forstner Bits cover all drilling needs. Drill with perfection, forged to last.

"Our users are the heart of everything we do, and the new Tempest™ Forstner Drill Bit line is a testament to that commitment. These Austrian-made Forstner drill bits are forged to meet the rigorous demands of modern drilling applications. They offer superior performance, extended lifespan, and cutting-edge precision, ensuring our users can confidently tackle their projects, knowing they have the best tools at their disposal," said John Otto, Vice President of Product at BORA® Tool.

Key Features of the new Tempest Forstner Bit include:

  • Forged high-speed steel for increased strength and durability.
  • Precision ground cutting edges for precise cutting without top edge tear-out.
  • Cutting edge lifts and ejects material to minimize heat and extend tool life.
  • Small center point for easy registration.
  • Cylindrical shank works with power tools and drill presses.
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For a complete list of retailers, visit or call 248-588-0395.