Canada Nickel Company Concludes Successful Participation in Washington, D.C. Summit on North American Critical Minerals Strategy

2 May 2024

Canada Nickel Company Inc. ("Canada Nickel") was proud to participate in an Ontario government delegation at the 2024 Energy Transition Metals Summit in Washington, D.C. During the summit, CEO Mark Selby, a veteran in the mining industry with over 20 years of experience, stressed the importance of strengthened Ontario-US trade partnerships and collaboration in critical minerals as demand for clean energy solutions across North America surges.

Canada Nickel Company's CEO further spoke about the essential role of nickel in various high-tech applications, including electric vehicles (EVs) and stainless steel production, critical for the transition to a cleaner economy. "Nickel is not just a metal; it's a linchpin in our sustainable future," said Mark Selby, CEO of Canada Nickel Company.  "Canada Nickel, Ontario, Canada and the United States share many of the same economic and environmental objectives, specifically around the need for reliable, clean, critical minerals sources amid growing geopolitical tensions and increasing supply chain pressures."

Canada Nickel's Crawford Nickel Sulphide Project in Ontario's Timmins Nickel District was showcased at the summit as a model of innovation and sustainability. Projected to become one of the top nickel sulphide operations globally, it boasts potential for zero-carbon production thanks to the Company's proprietary IPT Carbonation carbon storage technology.

"The Crawford Project is expected to be the Western World's largest nickel sulphide operation, emphasizing our commitment to environmentally responsible mining practices that significantly reduce carbon emissions," Selby noted. The Ontario project is expected to play a crucial role in filling critical supply gaps for North America's EV and stainless steel markets.

The summit also served as a platform for Canada Nickel to discuss the challenges and opportunities in the nickel market, which is essential for powering the EV revolution. The discussions included the impact of recent US policies on metal imports and the strategic steps both nations and the province need to take to secure a reliable supply of critical minerals.

"We have the critical minerals, expertise and experience the world is looking for in my riding of Timmins and across Northern Ontario," said George Pirie, Member of Provincial Parliament for Timmins, and Ontario's Minister of Mines. "The United States and Ontario share goals for a battery-powered future and the relationship between our governments has never been more important. We need to work together to secure the supply chain and Ontario-based companies like Canada Nickel will help us accomplish this goal. I am so excited to continue working to promote Ontario mining companies because they are the best in the world."

Canada Nickel's participation in the summit underscores its role as a leader in the next generation of large-scale nickel supply and as a key player in North America's critical minerals strategies. The company continues to work closely with the Ontario Government, Canadian, and US officials to advance bilateral initiatives that enhance the critical minerals supply chain and promote sustainable mining practices.