Diablo Tools "Amps Up" Performance with Introduction of Two New Amped™ Carbide Teeth Reciprocating Saw Blades

26 July 2023

Diablo Tools, which offers a solution-oriented range of best-in-the-world and best-for-our-world products for the professional user has added to its innovative range of AMPED™ carbide teeth reciprocating saw blades with two new blades: general purpose and medium metal blades. These extreme blades offer first in the world technology, Titanium Cobalt (TiCo™) Hi-Density Carbide and Black I.C.E.™ coating, to deliver extreme efficiency, extreme cutting life and extreme versatility in wood and metal demolition and cutting applications.

As building codes and materials continue to evolve at a rapid pace, the need for dependable, long-lasting blades that effortlessly cut through woods, metals, and other extreme materials has grown extensively. Power tool manufacturers continue to introduce new corded and cordless tool innovations with advanced battery technology to help solve these problems. Professionals depend on cutting solutions that draw less AMPs for maximum battery performance and longer cutting life to minimize blade changes. Current reciprocating blades on the market have not provided the life expectancy, performance and durability as expected from the professional user resulting in wasted time and money.

In 2020, Diablo addressed these concerns with the introduction of its first AMPED™ reciprocating blade, Steel Demon® AMPED™ for thick metal. This industry first blade set the bar for what it meant to deliver extreme cutting life and extreme productivity. Today, Diablo is "AMPing" up its game changing range of application specific AMPED™ reciprocating saw blades with the introduction of general purpose and medium metal blades for nail-embedded woods, metals, and plastics.

Diablo's 9 TPI Demo Demon® AMPED™ General Purpose Carbide Teeth Reciprocating Saw Blades and the 10 TPI Steel Demon® AMPED™ Medium Metal Carbide Teeth Reciprocating Saw Blades provide an unrivaled lineup in the industry. The General Purpose reciprocating blade outmatches other blades currently available and delivers professionals with a "jack of all trades" solution for wood and metal cutting, while the Medium Metal reciprocating blade is the first of its kind for strut, stainless steel and other metals. These ultimate cutting blades deliver unmatched performance, up to 100X longer cutting life of standard bi-metal blades and up to 2X increased performance of standard carbide blades.

"As the pioneer and industry leader of carbide reciprocating blade technology, Diablo's expansion of the AMPED™ carbide reciprocating saw blades is bringing a new wave of cutting resources into the industry," said Russell Kohl, President and CEO of Diablo/Freud Tools. "Our continued investment in disruptive technology has allowed us to AMPlify our already revolutionary AMPED™ product into more applications with the ability to cut medium metals, clean wood, and nail-embedded wood, while also ensuring we deliver on the demands of extreme life and durability. This range's ability to cut through a variety of applications and provide an unmatched 100X the life compared to standard bi-metal blades while also saving our users time and money is exemplary and a true testament of Diablo's commitment to delivering real, quantifiable solutions to our products and users."

Diablo's range of AMPED™ Carbide Teeth Reciprocating Saw Blades are available now, wherever Diablo products are sold. For more information, visit DiabloTools.com.