Diablo Tools Introduces Industry Changing Blade for Ultimate Productivity & Superior Quality Cuts: The Wood Demon™ Ultimate General Purpose Saw Blade

18 July 2023

Diablo Tools which offers a solution-oriented range of best-in-the-world and best-for-our-world products for the professional user, announces the ultimate blade designed for maximum productivity when cross-cutting and ripping hardwood and softwood: the new Wood Demon™ Ultimate General Purpose saw blade.  Designed to fit both table saws and miter saws, this innovative blade increases productivity up to 10X longer versus standard carbide blades by producing high quality, precise cuts with a sandpaper like finish that requires virtually no rework.

With their basic tooth geometries and poor carbide, traditional general purpose saw blades are not designed to both rip and crosscut. They wear out quickly and produce low quality finishes that require additional rework. This all costs the professional user time and money on the jobsite by switching out blades for their intended cut. With underpowered tools on jobsites and the trend of cordless saws, professionals need a superior quality blade to address these poor-quality finishes and eliminate burns.

With innovation at the forefront of every new product, Diablo’s Wood Demon™ blade features Diablo’s specially formulated TiCo™ Hi-Density Carbide for maximum cutting life and superior performance in cordless saws. Using inspiration from tools traditionally found in woodworking shops, the Wood Demon™ combines the power of cordless saws and stationary saws to elevate productivity for pros everywhere—a first-ever function no other is designed to do.

Diablo’s Wood Demon™ blade offers unmatched solutions to standard blades with high versatility, extreme durability, and maximum efficiency. This innovative blade features the ultimate trifecta in superior quality cuts—Axial Shear Face Grind (ASFG) for effortless, clean application, Double Side Grind tooth design for a “polished-like” cutting effect and Hi-Alternate Top Bevel (ATB) tooth geometry for extreme cutting precision. These game changing innovations are improving the jobsite for professional users by creating the new standard in cutting hardwood, softwood, trim, plywood, and melamine.

“Diablo continues to disrupt the market with revolutionary solutions to professional pain points, and this new iconic blade is further proof,” said Russell Kohl, President and CEO of Diablo/Freud Tools. “Contractors and professional users demand a product that saves them time, energy, and money without sacrificing superior results. We’ve met that demand with this innovative blade that eliminates rework through near-perfect finishes, which don’t require sanding or the use of joinery. Its durability is unmatched, offering up to 10X the productivity of similar blades, and an efficiency that professionals can depend on time and time again. Profitability for our users depends on productivity, and that’s just what this blade was designed for. No one has ever seen technology like this on a circular saw blade at this retail price.”

Diablo’s Wood Demon™ Ultimate General Purpose saw blade can be found anywhere Diablo products are sold – including The Home Depot and independent retailers. For more information, visit DiabloTools.com.