Ecolomondo Achieves a Major Milestone at Its 2-Reactor TDP Facility in Hawkesbury, Ontario

11 July 2023

Ecolomondo Corporation  a cleantech company specializing in the commercialization of its Thermal Decomposition Process (“TDP”) proprietary recycling technology and the global deployment of TDP turnkey facilities, announces that on July 7, it performed with success simultaneous production cycles of optimal payloads using both of its reactors, a major milestone in its ramp-up of the Hawkesbury TDP plant.

The Hawkesbury TDP facility initially started testing of its reactors in January 2023 with an initial payload of 1,600 lbs and payloads were gradually increased to reach the optimal payload goal of 15,000 lbs per production cycle of each reactor.

The key element in this important achievement is that the Hawkesbury TDP facility is confirming that TDP is capable of processing industrial quantities of end-of-life tires and from them produce industrial quantities of sustainable oil, gas and recovered carbon black.

The technical teams continue to work to ensure the safety and efficiency of the TDP process. The improvements executed so far were key to TDP achieving this important threshold.

While management is encouraged by its ramp-up so far, it cautions that continued and aggressive ramp-up testing may bring to light unforeseen issues that may require adjustments.