EESTech Inc. Announces: "A Collaborative Development Agreement for the Recovery of Critical Raw Materials (CRM's) From European Mineral Processing Waste Dumps"

28 August 2023

EESTech Inc., a specialist in mining and mineral process waste reclamation and remediation services, has announced a significant collaborative step forward. The company has entered into a collaborative development agreement with seche Environnement, a prominent figure in waste recovery, circular economy solutions, environmental services, and low-carbon energy generation. The partnership is dedicated to recycling mineral process waste, aiming to secure Critical Raw Materials (CRMs) for the European markets while embracing environmental sustainability.

The European Commission's Circular Economy Action Plan (COM/2015/614) has outlined a series of initiatives to facilitate the transition toward a low-carbon circular economy. Notably, several of these measures revolve around ensuring a steady supply of Critical Raw Materials, which hold both economic and national security significance for the EU.

Based in France with operations spanning Europe, Latin America, and Southern Africa, Séché Environnement boasts expertise in decontamination and remediation of polluted industrial waste sites. EESTech Inc., a US company with subsidiaries in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa, has pioneered revolutionary process capabilities that usher in a new era for recycling mining and mineral process waste. This advancement allows for the targeted recovery of valuable resources, transforming millions of tons of waste into resource reserves. Moreover, all post-process tailings are upgraded into inert sand products suitable for various downstream applications.

Murray Bailey, CEO of EESTech, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, emphasizing the potential to transform the waste liabilities of mining and mineral processing into valuable resource reserves, achieving zero-waste and environmentally sustainable outcomes. This partnership aims to establish a remarkable low-carbon circular economy within the industry.

EESTech and seche Environnement are acutely aware of the burgeoning CRM market in the European Union, driven by the global emphasis on the circular economy transforming waste into valuable assets. Additionally, both companies recognize the potential in Europe for recycling legacy waste sites, encompassing landfills and mineral processing slag waste.

This collaborative project development envisions offering compelling solutions to governments and organizations facing challenges associated with mineral processing waste. Simultaneously, it aligns with the European Union's objectives to implement a Circular Economy Action Plan. The partnership between seche and EESTech holds the promise of reshaping the landscape of waste management, resource recovery, and environmental sustainability, contributing to a more circular and responsible future.