Eleiko and Ovako strengthen partnership to push forward low carbon steel solutions

8 May 2024

Today Eleiko, a leader in premium weightlifting equipment, together with Ovako, a prominent steel manufacturer known for its high-quality clean steel, are excited to announce the strengthening of their historic partnership, which dates back to 1957. This collaboration is set to promote revolutionary low carbon footprint solutions in steel production and products.

The newly signed agreement highlights key initiatives including:

  • A firm commitment to supply and utilize world-leading low carbon footprint steel for Eleiko products.
  • Ovako has agreed to reserve production capacity to meet Eleiko’s demand for low carbon footprint steel.
  • The incorporation of CO2e parameters in product specifications, enhancing transparency and sustainability.
  • Joint marketing initiatives aimed at advocating for sustainable industrial practices, particularly in the Nordic region.

Marcus Hedblom, President and CEO of Ovako, commented on the partnership, stating, "Our longstanding relationship with Eleiko is built on a shared vision for sustainability and excellence. This enhanced collaboration is a testament to our dedication to developing leading carbon-efficient steel solutions that not only meet but exceed our sustainability goals.

Similarly, Erik Blomberg, CEO of Eleiko, noted, "By intensifying our partnership with Ovako, we are advancing our ongoing improvement work for sustainability in the fitness and weightlifting equipment industry. Together, we are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in terms of environmental stewardship and product quality."

As global industrial sectors increasingly commit to science-based climate targets and as legislative pressures mount to lower emissions, both Eleiko and Ovako recognize the strategic importance of early adoption of decarbonization. This partnership marks a proactive step towards climate leadership in the steel and fitness equipment industries.