Fictiv Expands Global Manufacturing Network to Include Sheet Metal, Die Casting, Compression Molding

18 January 2024

Fictiv, a global manufacturing company, announced today a significant expansion of its production manufacturing capabilities, adding Sheet Metal, Die Casting, and Compression Molding to its global network and AI-powered quote-to-order platform. With these new capabilities, Fictiv offers engineering and supply chain teams a path to streamline sourcing for all metal and plastic parts in a product's bill of materials, from prototype to low-volume production, through a single global company.

In total, Fictiv now offers seven primary manufacturing technologies—Injection Molding, 3D Printing, CNC Machining, Urethane Casting, Compression Molding, Die Casting, and Sheet Metal—as well as hundreds of material and finishing options across four global regions, providing customers with an extensive range of custom manufacturing services and production capacity. As a result, customers can simplify their sourcing strategy for all types of mechanical parts, reducing risk and overhead on global supply chain management and accelerating go-to-market timelines.

"With the rollout of these new capabilities, we are making it even easier for our customers to source the mechanical parts they need for an entire product, with the speed and quality they have come to trust and rely on from Fictiv," said Dave Evans, CEO and Co-Founder of Fictiv. "As manufacturing leaders seek to expand margin, decrease BOM costs, and reduce supply chain risk in 2024, Fictiv is fully-stacked and well-positioned as a strategic custom manufacturing partner to help them realize their goals."

"With Fictiv, we know our mechanical parts are with a safe pair of hands," said Michelle Kim, CEO of m'Chel, an innovative haircare product company. "We choose Fictiv because of their commitment to quality over everything. They are a true partner for us, and so the prospect of being able to source and produce a wide variety of the mechanical parts we need through Fictiv is reassuring."

To learn more about Fictiv's full range of manufacturing offerings, please visit Fictiv's website.