Global Leading Metal Shaping Equipment Maker HSG Strengthens Business Expansion in India

10 April 2024

HSG Laser, a global leader in metal shaping equipment, is intensifying its business expansion efforts in India. For over ten years, HSG Laser has built up a strong presence in the Indian metal shaping equipment industry. The company's continuous dedication to technological advancement and product excellence has brought significant contributions to the local market, meeting customer needs in a wide range of Indian industries, including automotive, metalworking, furniture manufacturing, shipbuilding, and steel construction.

Fruitful Achievements Driving Industry Leadership

HSG Laser has established global research and development (R&D) institutions, including an R&D center in Japan, representing a frontrunner in the photonics industry. This strategic approach has fostered the advancement of core components in laser cutting equipment, gaining impressive results. HSG Laser has comprehensively mastered vital technologies such as its bus-cutting digital control system, 60kW high-power laser cutting heads, heavy-duty four-chucks, bevel cutting, and three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting, among others. As of December 2023, HSG Laser has accumulated 426 authorized patents, including 91 for inventions. It has played a pivotal role in drafting group standards for evaluating cutting accuracy in 2D laser cutting machine tools since 2022, and it is considered a testament to its contributions to promoting the industry's development.

Ultimate Innovation Leads to Superior Products

Over the years, HSG Laser's robust R&D capabilities have resulted in a steady stream of advanced products that serve as industry benchmarks. Each product launch embodies the company's unwavering commitment to innovation, pushing the boundaries of what's possible. The GV series, a leading 6G all-linear motor laser cutting machine, represents groundbreaking increases in acceleration and cutting speeds, enabling high-precision processing of thick metal sheets in sectors like shipbuilding and chemicals.

In the field of heavy-duty tubes, the HSG TL730S reigns supreme. This industry-leading 4+1 full-track heavy-duty beveling tube-cutting machine tackles super-large and heavy tubes, distinguishing itself as the industry's most powerful choice.

Further demonstrating its commitment to versatility, HSG Laser's flagship TP65SD product offers a one-stop solution. This innovative machine integrates three processes – laser cutting, hot melt drilling, and tapping – streamlining production and reducing costs for industries like vehicle manufacturing and fitness equipment.

HSG Laser always adheres to customer-centered values and ensures its product solutions cater to the evolving needs of customers. It is poised to solidify its position as a global leader in the metal shaping industry. On April 18, HSG Laser will attend IMTOF2024 at the Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai, India. The company will exhibit its advanced metal shaping technologies for Indian customers at Hall 2's booth B72. More details will follow.