Introducing the Cutting-Edge Eco-Friendly and Recyclable Barn Curtain by HerculiteĀ® Products in Collaboration with Renegade PlasticsĀ®

24 August 2023

Plastic finds widespread use across the agriculture sector, from barn curtains to hoop house covers and mulching. Regrettably, the breakdown of most plastics leads to microplastic pollution. A 2022 UN report reveals that these minute plastic fragments are amassing in soil at an alarming pace.1 Even more concerning, researchers are uncovering the detrimental impacts of plastic waste accumulation on soil microbiomes, crop growth, livestock reproduction, and human health.2,3 Thankfully, Herculite, a pioneering fabric company, has introduced an innovative line of eco-friendly barn curtains in collaboration with Renegade Plastics®, offering recyclable, environmentally conscious agricultural fabrics.

Barn curtains play a vital role in shielding livestock from the elements, enhancing air circulation, regulating temperature, and managing light for improved production. Herculite has been producing durable, high-quality curtains for the poultry, hog, and dairy sectors for many years. Now, leveraging Renegade's revolutionary fabric, they are introducing a sustainable alternative that is devoid of forever chemicals, recyclable, and effectively reduces microplastic pollution compared to conventional woven polyethylene barn curtains.

Renegade Plastics Co-Founder, Curran Hughes, remarked, "Herculite is renowned for its innovation and its ability to grasp the evolving needs of its customers. They conceptualize solutions and offer innovative products and services that facilitate their clients' business growth. As the agriculture industry evolves, there's a growing demand for more sustainable textiles that benefit our animals and soils without compromising strength or durability. We're proud to provide a fabric that paves the way for a healthier future in farming and ranching."

The Renegade Plastics fabric featured in Herculite's range of eco-friendly barn curtains is a medium-duty polypropylene-coated material that is free from harmful compounds like phthalates, dioxins, PFAS, and heavy metals such as lead. This groundbreaking material boasts exceptional UV stability and, based on laboratory tests and field pilot experiences, allows less thermal infrared radiation to enter compared to polyethylene-based alternatives, while also delivering superior insulation.

These materials are recyclable with the assistance of Renegade, making them a valuable choice for operations aiming to enhance their circular practices and minimize microplastic infiltration in soil and livestock. Herculite barn curtains crafted with Renegade Plastics' fabrics prioritize animal welfare and contribute to reducing plastic waste in the agricultural sector.

Chad Twombly, Herculite's Vice President of Direct Sales, expressed, "Herculite is thrilled to introduce another sustainable solution to our product line. For over 60 years, Herculite has been serving the livestock industry with enduring, high-performing curtains. We've been actively seeking a sustainable alternative to polyethylene curtains for years. With the Renegade material, we can help mitigate microplastic contamination, prolong curtain lifespan, and provide a recyclable solution to the market."