JFE Steel Receives First Order for Continuous-caster Breakout Detection System

23 May 2024

JFE Steel Corporation announced today that in collaboration with JFE Shoji Corporation it has received an order from Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Corporation (FHS) in Vietnam for its Breakout Detection System, which is designed to identify breakouts in continuous casters, an essential component in the upstream steelmaking process. This is the first order for the system since its commercial launch as one of JFE Steel’s newest solution-business products.
FHS, Vietnam’s first integrated blast furnace steelmaker, intends to use the Breakout Detection System to enhance the productivity of its steelmaking facilities. JFE Steel has agreed to deliver the system to FHS by April 2025.

The Breakout Detection System uses cameras mounted under a continuous caster mold to feed images to an analytical system for real-time monitoring of slabs inside the caster, enabling early detection of potential breakouts. Upon detection, the system can promptly halt the casting process, preventing potential damage and ensuring safety.

JFE Steel is leveraging its extensive proprietary technologies and operational expertise to develop solutions that meet the needs of steelmakers. By offering business solutions, the company aims to foster mutually beneficial relationships with customers as well as pursue growth opportunities in the market.