Kennametal Announces Strategic Partnership with CAM Software Leader ModuleWorks for Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions

6 March 2024

Kennametal Inc. announced today that it has joined ModuleWorks' Strategic Partner Program. This program is a collective commitment to driving intelligent and integrated digital manufacturing solutions. Kennametal joins a variety of industry leaders in this program, such as Mitsubishi Electric, AutoDesk, PTC and DMG Mori, among others.

Joining the Strategic Partner Program supports Kennametal's strategic growth initiatives, especially improving service to small and medium General Engineering shops and builds on the company's capabilities for online tool selection, simulation and tooling packages.

"This partnership combines our robust application knowledge and materials science expertise with ModuleWorks' industry-leading software to deliver solutions that are technologically advanced and user-friendly, further supporting the evolving needs of our customers," said Sanjay Chowbey, President of Metal Cutting.  

Kennametal's focus on the CAM market also addresses customer challenges, including the evolving workforce, creating a greater need for technical support helping customers machine with greater precision and efficiency while effectively reducing costs.

Dr. Yavuz Murtezaoglu, Founder and Managing Director of ModuleWorks added, "We are excited to welcome Kennametal to the Strategic Partner Program. The program gives solution providers the software development resources they need to empower their digitalization strategies and collectively advance automation in the manufacturing industry. As a cutting tool manufacturer, Kennametal extends the variety of partners in the program, thereby further driving the digitalization initiative in the industry."