Klauer Manufacturing Company Debunks Two Common Myths Surrounding Steel Siding

3 April 2024

Klauer Manufacturing Company, an innovator in the steel siding industry, revealed their informative guide aimed at dispelling “popular” myths surrounding steel siding.

This guide will serve as a resource to provide clarity and empower installers, among other professionals, with accurate information about Klauer’s products to better serve their customers.

“As a company deeply committed to innovation and quality, we understand that misconceptions about steel siding may prevent people from embracing its numerous benefits,” said Michael Igo, Vice President of Klauer Manufacturing. “At Klauer, we want to address these myths head-on, ensuring homeowners and siding professionals can make fully informed decisions about exterior cladding. Our mission is to debunk these inaccuracies and showcase the unmatched durability, versatility and aesthetic appeal of Klauer steel siding, ultimately elevating the standard of excellence in the industry.”

Here are a couple of these steel siding myths customers face today:

Myth #1: Steel Siding is Heavy and Difficult to Install

While steel siding may carry the misconception of being labor-intensive and heavy to install, Klauer’s innovative designs and lightweight materials simplify the installation process. Steel is tough and durable, but lighter in weight than wood, engineered wood and fiber cement, which makes installation easier on contractors’ backs. Also, with a few tips, common and inexpensive tools can be used to easily cut siding panels and accessories as efficiently as other cladding materials. In the long run, Klauer steel siding enables installers to achieve efficient results, saving time and labor costs.

Myth #2: Steel Siding is Cost Prohibitive

The initial investment in steel siding may seem daunting (the national average cost of residential steel siding falls between $10,000 and $20,000, depending on the specific material and square footage of the area) but its long-term benefits far outweigh the costs.

It may feel better to choose a cheaper option such as vinyl, but it usually needs to be replaced within a couple of decades or sooner, depending on the weather in the area. Fiber cement and engineered wood siding need to be re-caulked and repainted every 5-10 years, with a national average cost of about $6,500. Klauer steel siding, while more expensive upfront, withstands severe weather and abuse better for longer than most other siding materials, saving future repair and replacement expenses. Plus, steel siding end cuts don’t need to be painted, seams don’t need to be flashed or caulked and there’s no caulking at the corners and sills. The peace of knowing the home is secure is the most valuable add for the installers and homeowners.

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