Komacut Expands Online Custom Metal Manufacturing Services With Advanced CNC Turning and New Laser Engraving Capabilities

11 December 2023

Komacut, a leader in online sheet metal fabrication, is pleased to announce the enhancement of its services with the introduction of advanced CNC Turning and Laser Engraving capabilities. These additions aim to meet the evolving needs of various industries by offering more precision and customization. Detailed information on these services is available at www.komacut.com, where customers can get instant quotes, manage orders, and shipping of parts from a single dashboard.

Sophisticated CNC Turning Capabilities
The CNC Turning service at Komacut is designed to produce complex components with high precision, suitable for a diverse range of materials such as carbon steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. This service is particularly advantageous for industries like automotive, aerospace, agritech, mining, IoT, medical, and electronics, offering flexibility in both small and large production volumes.

Key Features of Komacut's CNC Turning:

  • Instant Quote & Design Review: Immediate pricing and design feedback.
  • Factory Direct: Competitive pricing directly from our factory.
  • Fast Turnaround: Rapid production for timely project delivery.
  • High Precision: Accuracy up to ±0.05mm for commercial volumes.
  • Worldwide Shipping: Streamlined global logistics management.
  • Extensive Material and Finishing Options: Offering a diverse range of materials complemented by a variety of finishing options to meet specific project needs.

Introducing Laser Engraving for Added Customization
Expanding beyond CNC Turning, Komacut now offers Laser Engraving to provide additional customization options for sheet metal parts. This service enables intricate engravings such as part numbers and company logos, easily uploaded via vector files for added branding and labeling.