KVV Liepajas metalurgs releases its first 5,000 tons of steel bars

26 February 2015

Last week, KVV Liepajas metalurgs began testing the machines and equipment in one of the facilities of the company, the rolling mill. Taking into consideration that the plant has been idle for a comparatively long time, initially the rolling mill operated in test mode.

In the early stages of operation, the rolling mill is to manufacture 35,000 tons of steel bars a month, employing about 550 workers.

The melting plant is next to resume operations.

Ukrainian companies of KVV Group buy and process scrap metal, manufacture articles of metal, for the internal market and exports, they are also involved in construction business and provide port services.

Liepajas metalurgs is the second metallurgical revived by KVV Group. In 2013 it bought a metallurgical plant in Donetsk, but eventually had to give up the deal due to the geopolitical situation in the region.

KVV Group acquired the Liepajas metalurgs plant for EUR 107 million in October 2014.