Mill Steel Co. Expands Footprint with New Midwest Facility

30 August 2023

Mill Steel Co., one of the largest suppliers of flat-rolled steel and aluminum in North America, is delighted to announce the acquisition of a 90,000 square foot facility situated in Mansfield, Ohio. This strategic expansion aligns with Mill Steel's recent acquisition of Cleveland Metal Exchange (CME) and signifies the company's foray into the market for flat-rolled stainless steel and aluminum metals.

The newly acquired location features advanced equipment including a 72" Pro Eco Slitting Line, a 60" Paxson Slitting Line, and a 50-foot-deep looping pit designed for processing surface-critical materials. Moreover, Mill Steel intends to incorporate cut-to-length processing capabilities, thereby enhancing its ability to capitalize on competitive sourcing and delivery costs for its burgeoning customer base in the Midwest.

Strategically positioned for seamless rail and interstate access, the facility neighbors Cleveland Cliffs Mansfield Works, offering a valuable supply option for the company's expanding stainless and aluminum segment.

Simultaneously, Mill Steel is investing $18 million into its Detroit facility. This investment encompasses the introduction of a new slitting line, a new pack line, installation of two state-of-the-art cranes, and an expansion of warehouse space by 50,000 square feet. These upgrades, projected to be finalized by 2024, seamlessly complement Mill Steel's extensive processing network, allowing the company to adeptly manage its growing portfolio of business ventures.

Pam Heglund, CEO of Mill Steel, shared, "The strategic proximity to our customer base and the geographical advantages make this opportunity truly excellent. I am excited about the increased capacity this provides to accommodate our double-digit growth."