Nucor Launches Campaign Highlighting Commitment to Sustainable Steelmaking

3 October 2023

Nucor Corporation has launched its "Made for Good" campaign, highlighting the company's over five decades of producing steel using the cleanest commercially available methods. The campaign also showcases Nucor's collaborative efforts with customers across various industries to help them meet their sustainability objectives, aligning with our nation's sustainability goals.

"Sustainability is becoming increasingly driven by our customers' values and their focus on reducing emissions in their supply chains. As a leader in the steel industry, Nucor recognizes the paramount importance of environmental stewardship and continually pushes the boundaries to further reduce our emissions. Through purposeful innovation, Nucor not only supplies steel but also delivers solutions that enable our customers to successfully achieve their business and environmental objectives," said Dan Needham, Executive Vice President of Commercial at Nucor.

Nucor stands as one of the world's most sustainable steel producers, annually producing more than a quarter of the steel manufactured in the United States. The company is at the forefront of using a circular, recycling-based manufacturing process, which has an emissions intensity more than three times lower than the average for traditional steelmaking methods employing blast furnaces. Nucor remains committed to reducing its carbon footprint through innovation and was the first industrial entity to join the UN 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy Compact, an initiative aimed at expediting the decarbonization of the world's electricity systems and ensuring access to clean and affordable electricity.

"Made for Good" highlights Nucor's recent strides in sustainable innovations and invites customers, investors, and policymakers to collaborate with the company in addressing the challenge of decarbonization. The campaign features case studies showcasing Nucor's investments in next-generation technologies, such as small modular reactor (SMR) nuclear systems and fusion. It also highlights Nucor's contributions to reducing embodied carbon emissions in mass-market consumer vehicles and its own innovations, including Elcyon, the first domestically produced sustainable steel product designed for offshore wind energy applications.

"For more than five decades, Nucor has been a pioneer in circular steelmaking, dedicated to building a resilient and environmentally sustainable future. This campaign emphasizes our commitment to developing processes and investing in efficient systems that have a positive global impact. The objective of Made for Good is to shape the narrative around sustainability and underscore Nucor's role as a critical partner in constructing a greener tomorrow," said Peter Campbell, Director of Marketing at Nucor.

Apart from its leadership in sustainable steelmaking, Nucor has actively participated in policy discussions to accelerate greenhouse gas emission reductions within the industry. The company is a founding member of the Global Steel Climate Council (GSCC), which has introduced the Steel Climate Standard a universal standard for measuring and reporting carbon emissions in the steel sector, enhancing transparency, and driving international investments in low-emission technologies.

Nucor collaborated with Lippincott, a global creative consultancy, to create the campaign, and Luquire, a marketing and PR agency, to manage media placement. To explore the campaign and learn more about Nucor's commitment to sustainability, please visit Engage with the conversation on LinkedIn and Instagram.