Peak steel body hails Burswood stadium contract as good example of flexibility after mining boom

5 March 2015

WA's peak steel industry body has welcomed a decision to award a $73 million contract to a local firm to build large steel trusses for the new Burswood stadium.

Civmec Construction and Engineering has completed large-scale projects in the mining industry and will use that experience to construct giant trusses for the stadium.

Australian Steel Institute state manager James England said WA's steel fabrication sector had been under pressure since the end of the mining construction boom.

He said contracts like this helped sustain local companies and preserve local jobs.

"The importance can't be underestimated at this time," he said.

"Obviously, we're going through a transition in regard to the reduction in the resources work that's around, but this work is just at the right time and just at the right scale."

Mr England said it was critical for companies to be able to shift their skills and expertise towards other areas of work, such as large infrastructure projects.

"This project shows a perfect example of a company that is able to be flexible," he said.

"It shows that the steel industry supply chain is very flexible and we can take on any job."

According to the Steel Institute's estimates, about 60 jobs are created for every 1,000 tonnes of steel work.

"So it's vitally important that we keep the jobs flowing," he said.

Civmec has been involved in some of WA's largest projects in the resources sector, including the Gorgon gas project.

Civmec chief executive officer Pat Tallon said the project would help preserve jobs.

"It allows us to keep some people on. Our facility does cater for up to 600 people on a single shift," he said.

"We employ a lot of people. A lot of apprentices and a lot of graduates will all work on this, so it's very important."

Mr Tallon said while some steel would be sourced overseas, the economic benefits extended beyond his company.

"The vast majority of this steel will be produced here in Australia," he said.

Civmec will construct a total of 50 trusses for the stadium, each of which will be 45-metres long.

The stadium is due for completion in early 2018.


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