Perma-Pipe International Holdings announces acceptance into QatarEnergy’s Tawteen Program

4 January 2024

PERMA-PIPE International Holdings, Inc today announces its acceptance into QatarEnergy’s Tawteen program.

Tawteen is the Supply Chain Localization Program for the energy sector in Qatar led by QatarEnergy. PERMA-PIPE will aim to provide pre-insulated piping systems, custom fabrication and 3-layer polyethylene coatings for QatarEnergy projects.

Saleh Sagr, Senior Vice President for PERMA-PIPE’s MENA region commented, “We are pleased to announce and place great significance on our relationship with QatarEnergy and the Qatari market. QatarEnergy is in the process of expanding its LNG production capacity from 77 million mtpa to 126 million mtpa by 2026, and this will require the construction of compression facilities and pipelines. We have served this market since 2006 and now, through the Tawteen Program, our local facility will be able to work more closely with QatarEnergy providing our latest innovative technologies.”

David Mansfield, President and CEO of PERMA-PIPE International Holdings, Inc stated, “The Tawteen program has three primary objectives; to support the realization of Qatar National Vision 2030; to establish sustainable and competitive in-country suppliers that meet the requirements of Qatar’s Energy sector; and, to support the growth and diversification of Qatar’s economy. We are extremely proud to be able to deliver to all areas of this program.”