Reibus International Brings Carbon Reduction Solutions to the Metals Industry

16 August 2023

Reibus International, the leading independent digital marketplace for metals, is pleased to introduce its innovative carbon solutions offering, aimed at mitigating the environmental impact of steel production. As the metals industry endeavors to align with the goals of The Paris Agreement in achieving carbon neutrality, Reibus stands at the forefront, delivering a streamlined and effective approach for steel professionals to comprehend and responsibly address their carbon emissions. To achieve this vital objective, Reibus has joined forces with ClimateTrade, a pioneering climate-tech company specializing in groundbreaking technology solutions for decarbonization.

While steel plays an indispensable role in modern infrastructure, its production is a substantial contributor to global carbon emissions. The International Energy Agency's findings from 2022 reveal that nearly 1.5 tons of CO2 were emitted, with expectations of even higher emissions due to increased manufacturing demands. Recognizing the pressing need for sustainable practices, Reibus is taking a leadership role by offering solutions that empower organizations to minimize their environmental impact.

The introduction of Reibus' emissions calculator and carbon offset purchasing program represents a pivotal stride towards fostering environmental stewardship within the steel sector. By facilitating the accessibility of carbon offsets, Reibus empowers organizations to diminish their carbon footprint and contribute to initiatives that benefit the entire supply chain.

In support of this initiative, ClimateTrade has meticulously curated a selection of high-quality and verified sustainable projects that align with Reibus' sustainability objectives. Clients are afforded the opportunity to promptly offset emissions by backing projects in the USA, Mexico, Peru, and Spain.

John Armstrong, Founder and CEO of Reibus, emphasized the company's commitment to driving positive change in the steel industry, stating, "We are proud to offer solutions that make carbon footprint reduction a tangible reality. This year alone, we've entered the recyclables market. Now, we're providing an accessible means to purchase carbon offsets and give back to the environment."

Armstrong further elaborated, "We believe that by providing a user-friendly method to calculate carbon emissions and procure carbon offsets, we can empower organizations to effortlessly contribute to a more sustainable future."

Fran Benedito, CEO & Co-Founder of ClimateTrade, expressed their enthusiasm for collaborating with Reibus, highlighting the shared mission of driving climate action within the metals industry. This partnership underscores both organizations' commitment to advancing decarbonization through technology and underscores Reibus' dedication to sustainable business practices.