Republic Steel announces 200 temporary layoffs in Lorain Plant, Ohio

27 March 2015

Republic Steel is temporarily laying off 200 workers from its Lorain plant, the company announced.

The layoffs of both hourly and salaried employees are due to declining conditions in the oil and gas markets and reduced demand, according to news reports. The company could not be immediately reached for comment.

Republic Steel mill makes special bar quality steel used in axles, drive trains, suspensions and other parts of cars and off-road vehicles.

Steel workers in Lorain have been hit hard recently. Some of the 614 temporary layoffs announced in January by U.S. Steel also began this month.

Similar to Republic Steel, U.S. Steel, which makes tubular steel, used in oil and gas drilling, said the job losses are due to falling oil prices and unfair competition from foreign companies.

U.S. Steel said when the mill will be restarted and employees will be recalled depends on future market conditions.

Rep. Marcy Kaptur of Toledo issues a written statement saying that she's disappointed about the latest layoffs announced in Lorain.

"These layoffs are a terrible blow to 200 workers, their families and the Lorain community. Declining demand, the biggest reason given for these layoffs, often starts with unfair competition from imports of cheaply made foreign competitors," Kaptur said.

"That is why I continue to fight for fair trade with enforceable labor and environmental standards for every U.S. trade agreement, old and new. I have said it many times: our steel workers in Lorain and throughout the country deserve better. And we must do better for them. To do that, we will need to open closed foreign markets and keep investing in manufacturing for long-term U.S. global competitiveness."