SSAB and Nordec agree on deliveries of fossil-free steel

4 May 2024

SSAB and Nordec have agreed on deliveries of fossil-free steel. Nordec will use the fossil-free steel in, for example, frame structures for buildings, façades and bridges.

The agreement between SSAB and Nordec is an important step towards an efficient supply chain for fossil-free steel. SSAB aims to deliver fossil-free steel to the market in 2026 and this agreement will ensure Nordec gets the quantities of steel it needs from SSAB’s production capacity. Under the collaboration, SSAB will initially supply small quantities of fossil-free steel for the first pilot project, and in the future quantities of fossil-free steel will increase as production ramps up.

Fossil-free steel applications are the frame structures for buildings, façades and steel bridges. The collaboration supports Nordec's carbon dioxide emission reduction targets for 2030 and SSAB's goal of developing a fossil-free value chain.

“As a leading supplier of steel frame structures in the Nordic countries, it is extremely important for Nordec that investments related to fossil-free steelmaking proceed resolutely. Cooperation with SSAB contributes greatly to our green transition strategy and in helping us to reach our emission reduction targets,” says Nordec Group’s CEO Kalle Luoto.

“We are pleased to support Nordec's sustainability goals in the construction and bridge construction industries with our expertise. The fossil-free steel we produce retains its high quality, but its climate impact is significantly lower compared to steel based on traditional blast furnace technology. This helps to reduce our customers' carbon footprint and provides a competitive advantage in the market,” says Lotta Ruottinen, Sales Director, SSAB Europe.

SSAB plans to revolutionize the entire steelmaking process. SSAB works with iron ore producer LKAB and energy company Vattenfall as part of the HYBRIT initiative to develop a value chain for fossil-free iron- and steelmaking, replacing the coking coal traditionally used for iron ore-based steelmaking with fossil-free electricity and hydrogen. This process virtually eliminates carbon dioxide-emissions in steel production.

Nordec Group Oy is one of the leading suppliers of steel frame structures and façade solutions for construction projects in the Nordic countries and has a strong position in the Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries of Poland, Lithuania, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The company has long experience in the design, manufacture and installation of frame structures, façades and bridges. Nordec's main raw material is steel. The service offering includes single-story buildings, multi-story buildings, heavy industry buildings, bridges and façade structures.