Steel Authority of India's steel plant posts highest ever production

3 August 2017

Steel Authority of India's IISCO Steel Plant (ISP) posted its highest ever production of crude steel at 146025 tonne in July taking its total saleable steel figure to an all time high of 140401 tonne. The plant's Coke Oven Battery #11 complemented the performance producing its highest ever 2818 oven pushing alongwith the Sinter Plant which also reported its highest ever production of 292076 tonne of Sinter in during the month.

ISP's Bar Mill too touched a new high by not only producing 46,488 tonne in July but also registered its highest ever production in a day of 2495 metric tones on July 3, 2017. "The achievements provide a thrust to our commitment to make the most of the positive steel scenario in the country" said Rajesh K Rathi, chief executive officer of the plant.

One of the country's oldest steel-making facilities, ISP-Burnpur completed a Rs 16,000 crore modernization-cum-expansion plan that raised its capacity from 0.85 million tonne to nearly 2.9 million tonne. The new facility was dedicated to the nation by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi in May 2015. As part of the modernisation, the plant tripled its hot metal capacity from 0.85 to 2.9 million tonne per annum (MTPA) taking steps to move towards green and high quality steelmaking.